For a horse that defend bath, every customer, can enjoy the professional set of pre-sale, sale, and after-sale service. During the quality guarantee period, customers can enjoy free door-to-door maintenance, purchase parts discount. Wisdom ma wei yu unified service standard and professional standard of service personnel, let you have the purchase of ma wei yu product confidence fully.

    all the products of ma wei yu to the retail channel, commitment to product quality guarantee period is a limited liability guarantees, and solemnly promise:
    1. Sanitary porcelain products provide lifetime limited warranty and ensure that porcelain products do not produce natural cracks under normal use;
    2. Tap the overall products provide 1 year limited warranty, leading ceramic valve core in 6 years under normal use to ensure that not drop;
    3. Think horse general cistern fittings that defend bath to provide 1 year limited warranty, make sure cistern fittings not leak under normal use.
    5. Zhi wei yu ma professional service team, to provide you with quality service experience;
    (the loss caused by the following behavior does not belong to the scope of the company's products quality assurance, product normal wear; product poor maintenance; Use tools and equipment is not suitable for the product; Chemical, electrochemical, or electrical factors. The company will not assume and pay for the resulting losses)
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