Toilet cover how to cleaning and maintenance

    Toilet cover is an important part of the toilet, it has a shield bacteria. If a flush toilet lid open, instant cyclones in the toilet can be the pathogen or the microorganism to a maximum 6 meters high in the air, and suspended in the air for several hours, and then fell on the wall and a toothbrush, cup, towel. So, in order to you and your family's health, a good habit to cultivate a flush toilet cover.

    The toilet lid clean
    Do not let the abrasive chemicals and cosmetics (such as nail polish and aftershave) in direct contact with the toilet cover, because it will damage the surface.
    Woody cover plate with pattern need special maintenance and cleaning, can only use a mild detergent (such as dish detergent cleaning).
    A cover plate is movably soft foam ring of toilet seat pad, cleaning don't put into the dishwasher, clothes dryer or other heat cleaning appliances.
    Can use the dish detergent water cleaning cover, or using the toilet seat cover special cleaning agent, with a soft sponge or cloth to clean the.
    After washing, with a soft towel, and then cover the dry, ensure that the key part is completely dry.
    If you remove the toilet seat cover, can consider to use flood basin help cleaning.

    Toilet cover maintenance
    1, do not put in direct sunlight, direct heat source near or exposure to fumes, otherwise it will cause discoloration.
    2, do not buy hard and heavy objects, such as a water tank cover, flower pots, a bucket, basin, otherwise they will be scratching the surface or cause cracking.
    3, the toilet cover and seat should use clean soft cloth, disable strong acid, carbon and detergent cleaning do not use volatile agent, diluent or other chemical cleaning, otherwise it will surface corrosion. Do not use steel wire brush, blade front edge tool cleaning.
    4, closestool cover plate is installed in the water tank, the water tank without low, people can not lean back, otherwise it will lead to breaking.
    5, the toilet cover should be light light off, and affect the appearance and the water tank to avoid direct collision scarring or may lead to fracture.
    6, the use of metal seat hinge (metal screws) products must pay attention, do not let the pH of the solvent on the product, otherwise easy to rust.
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