Sanitary ware selected tips

    1. to buy time: after the overall decoration style set, on the order of suitable sanitary ware brand, style and color, don't stick well again in the ceramic tile.

    2.: the best color basin and toilet to use the same brand, color and material can make little space appears unified coordination.

    The judgment standard of appearance quality of


    (1) check carefully whether there are cracks in the surface, can also use a thin rod lightly percussion porcelain pieces, listen to its sound is ringing, when "things" sound proof ceramics have a problem.

    (2) deformation size: porcelain pieces on a flat surface, to the direction of rotation, to check whether a well proportioned, install the edge pieces of the surface plane and porcelain is fair, installing hole is pliable.

    (3) glaze quality: glaze must exquisite and smooth, uniform glaze. In glazed with a few drops of colored liquid, and rub evenly with a cloth, after a few seconds with a damp cloth to wipe, then check the glazed, to no dirty spots better.

    4. toilet pit from needs prior to good quality, to understand the drainage way of oneself toilet (drainage or after drainage).

    5. accessories: accessories for a bathtub drowning, toilet accessories for the flange, hose and a angle valve, basin S/P bending a. Basin faucet to supporting valve two, the purchase of sanitary is as quick, avoid the two buy.

    6. bath: from the material into acrylic, cast iron and steel, now there are some resin, from the performance and price to consider selecting you need a bathtub.

    bathtub has no skirt, skirt, and independent, when buying, according to home in the size of the bathroom styles to choose.

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