The choose and buy of sanitary ware

    The toilet flushing water closet should pay attention to choose

    mode and water consumption. Common water closet flushing the straight type and siphon type two. In general, washdown water closet flushing noise larger and prone to smell. Siphon type water closet are quiet water closet, water seal higher, not prone to smell.

    bath crock according to the materials have a common sub plate bathtub, acrylic bathtub, cast iron bathtub, 3.5 mm thick steel plate types of bath. Ordinary steel bathtubs cleansing easy, more single model; acrylic bathtub modelling is rich, but short life, aging after Yi Qingxi; cast iron bathtubs and long service life, but the price is high, handling, installation is more troublesome; 3.5 mm thick steel bathtubs for glaze surface treatment, the thickness of the steel plate of long service life, easier installation, has both advantages steel and cast iron bath tub.


    basin should be pay attention to the quality of the glazed, because of good glaze, do not hang dirty, easy to clean surface, long-term use is still bright as new. Choice when facing the light observed from the side of the ceramic, good glaze should be no splash, pinhole, sand holes and bubble, the surface is smooth.

    faucet class when choosing the leading to pay attention to the quality, leading manufacturing materials and surface treatment of the spool stand or fall, but also its adaptability to water quality and whether section water. General and high grade bibcock uses is the import ceramic valve core. Manufacturing material, the majority of high-grade faucet with brass. Regular products surface coating, finger, do not leave fingerprints. Weigh in hand with component, generally better quality of shen.

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