The toilet clean start with details

    General household toilet and wash, shower room are connected together, therefore the toilet health or not directly related to personal health problems. Recently, with the rise in temperature, humidity increase, bacteria can thrive, health problems in toilet also mentioned schedule. Now, although every kind of antibacterial, nanometer materials made of toilet is already available, but for most ordinary families, a toilet and is not an easy thing, so pay attention to the toilet health may wish to start from around things.

    first strokes to flush the toilet lid down first.
    Some experiments show that, the moment of flushing the toilet, vortex dynamics of water can make the small particles in the excrements borrows the cyclotron to the 6 meters in the air. These bacteria substances will remain in the air for several hours, finally fell on the towels, toothbrush, cup, causing toiletries pollution.

    Therefore suggest that you change the usual habits, flush the toilet should be down the lid, and then press the water valve.

    A lot of people like a flannelette gasket on the toilet, so more easily adsorbed retention discharge pollutants, more likely to spread the disease. So, on the toilet seat to focus on doing the cleaning work, every one or two days with the best domestic diluted disinfectant wipe, cloth washer should be regularly cleaned and disinfected.

    second move next to the toilet stop placed basket
    people used to placing basket beside the toilet after use, will throw toilet paper inside. Usually these toilet paper and other materials will be stored in the basket for more than two days. The bathroom is damp areas, stored in a basket in the garbage is very easy to breed bacteria, spread to the surrounding. In fact, the toilet sewage capacity now is very strong, the toilet paper is immersed in the water will become soft and fragile, flush easily into waterways, needn't extra placement. The other is not easy to wash off the material can be put away in a timely manner ready for garbage bag.

    third strokes not to pour garbage
    toilet leftovers Oil leftovers in the garbage with easy to clean on the toilet wall, long product scale easily lead to the toilet flush is not smooth or clog waterways, also affect the appearance and the service life of the toilet. At the same time, rinse the leftovers garbage also easy to cause the waste of water, as the leftovers into the garbage bag.

    fourth strokes to keep the toilet brush health
    When the toilet dirty as soon as possible to brushing regularly with disinfectant liquid scrubbing the toilet. Scrub clean toilet brush to scrub clean with clear water after, as far as possible in the toilet, the toilet brush on the rejection of clean water, and then spray disinfectant. Toilet brush is used for a period of time to replace the new time.
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